About Us
This site is about us.

It is for those of us who like a non-commercial platform where like-minded friends can meet. It is an alternative to a physical Ashram. An Ashram provides an environment in which members remind each other of 'what they are' and also of 'what they are not'.

In many different ways, Nonduality speakers keep pointing to the freedom they have rediscovered. Each speaker attracts an audience that feels particularly drawn to their expressions.
Members are encouraged to discuss issues that may arise by listening to specific nonduality speakers. Since Ashram Online does not represent any specific lineage, it is easier to discuss questions and possible doubts openly. In this way, there is a chance to clarify issues before they get stuck in our mind as another unresolved stumbling block. Each clarified issue may serve as an aid to dissolve mental ignorance.

Ashram Online is an environment that encourages every member to realise the end of ignorance sooner, rather than later, and to live effortlessly from this rediscovered freedom that we are. In my lifestream, I have been grateful for all the reminders that kept pointing to what's real while highlighting what is not real.